Polystyrene Products Manufacturers – Understanding The Versatile Material Called Polystyrene!

When you are seeking for a stable, lightweight and economical packaging material to cater to all your packaging and storing requirements expanded polystyrene packaging is the most reliable answer. Not only is it moisture resistant and completely recyclable but with the help of hot wire technology, it can be easily cut, shaped, scooped or easily remoulded to any desired shape to meet any purpose of use.


Benefits of Polystyrene Boxes

The polystyrene boxes are a packaging material that ensures the transported goods reach the vendor and the market in fair and perfect condition. The polystyrene products manufacturers have dramatically reduced the many challenges earlier faced by the transport companies with the expanded polystyrene foam boxes extensively used by a variety of different industries. This excellent packing material makes sure the foodstuffs such as fruits, vegetables, seafood reach the market fresh by allowing the cold chain and by withstanding temperature fluctuations.


The advantage of EPS in Insulation

Polystyrene is a natural insulator broadly used by the building and construction industry to provide many benefits to the homeowners and builders. The polystyrene building sheets stop heat from coming inside the house, thus regulating and maintaining the temperature by not letting the heat and cool air escape. These insulated polystyrene sheets are easy to handle and offer another advantage of fast installation. Because these are made of fire-resisting raw material, these insulated polystyrene foam sheets when correctly installed can protect you against any fire hazards.


Koolfoam is one of the popular polystyrene foam insulation manufacturers from where you can get the insulation foam readily available for your construction projects at the best competitive prices. Their polystyrene foam is available for a number of applications ranging from packaging to home insulation in the form of blocks, sheets and any unique shapes you have in mind. To further discuss your needs contact their experts today and get clear answers to all your questions.


Polystyrene Foam Insulation Manufacturers – Save Up On Your Cost And Avail The Best Material!

Polystyrene is a highly cost-effective insulation product on the market delivered to by the wide range of Polystyrene Foam Insulation Manufacturers. If you take the time to compare its cost with other products on the market, you will certainly be impressed, especially when you consider that the product is so durable. Being affordable, residential polystyrene products from the best polystyrene products manufacturer is not the only way in which polystyrene can save you money though. It can be used to insulate buildings to reduce heating and cooling costs. It can also be used to protect goods while being transported, which cuts back on the risk of costly damage and the need for repairs or replacements. The product itself is highly recyclable and as such, can be transformed into domestic building products which are cheaply available. The fact that polystyrene can be manufactured into sterile cutlery, plates, and food storage units also makes it highly beneficial to the foodservice industry.

Some of the benefits of using polystyrene insulation from the Polystyrene Foam Insulation Manufacturers are:

  • It is cheap, and that makes it an appropriate substitute for usual brick and concrete houses.
  • It is durable and tough, which makes it strong.
  • Construction is an absolute environment-friendly method.
  • Electrical cables and plumbing pipes can be easily fixed.
  • Fire-resistant building.
  • Energy-efficient development acts as insulation and maintains the temperature inside in extreme circumstances.
  • Any activity in the building guarantees lower sound secretion.
  • High windshield.
  • The construction also keeps bugs away.
  • Reduce the danger of leakages.
  • The technology verifies long-life expectancy.
  • Can be easily reused.
  • Due to its unusual and inexpensive method, it increases the sales rate.

Every home requires an immense amount of insulation. And, with so many polystyrene insulations from one of the leading Polystyrene Foam Insulation Manufacturers is Koofoam, in the market, which implies that the choices for insulation are vast and plentiful. Polystyrene insulation is a sort of foam insulation typically employed in the residential and commercial business. You can avail it as soon as possible from the polystyrene products manufacturers as it is incredibly rigid, unlike its ancestors. And, as an insulator, it can also endure an extreme amount of temperature as well as act as a sound muffler. Unlike many of its equivalents, it’s both waterproof and long-lasting. These factors are what makes residential polystyrene such a high-demand product.

The Wonder Material For All Your Packaging Needs!

Expanded polystyrene foam (EPF) is a plastic material which has many unique properties based on its structure. It is made of distinctive cells of low-density polystyrene which makes EPF extremely lightweight, but it can support load much more massive than its own weight in water. As it has individual cells which are not connected to each other, heat cannot travel through EPF easily. Thus it acts as an excellent insulator. EPF goes smooth on the eco-system as it can be recycled into concrete, egg cartons, office products, foam insulation, and garbage cans. Unfortunately, a large number of polystyrene offcuts, trimmings and excess packaging goes to the landfills and are usually thrown away without getting recycled.

Polystyrene in  Appliances

As Polystyrene(solid and foam) is inert meaning, it does not react with other materials appliances like Refrigerators, air conditioners, ovens, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, blenders, etc. and other machines often are made with this material. Polystyrene is cost-effective and has a longer life.

Polystyrene in Automotive

Many car parts are made using Polystyrene (solid and foam), which include parts like knobs, instrument panels, trim, energy absorbing door panels and sound dampening foam. The polystyrene foam is vastly used to make child protective seats.

Polystyrene in Electronics

Polystyrene is widely used as a packaging material for electronic equipment and home appliances. The boxes of LCD Monitors, Televisions, Computer parts, refrigerators, washing machines and devices that can be easily destroyed during transportation are packed using Polystyrene foam for the safety of products.

Polystyrene in Food Service

Polystyrene is widely used for packaging food items which can further aid in minimizing food-borne diseases while keeping your food fresh longer and shielding it from germs and microbes. It serves a better purpose than its other alternatives ensuring hot food stays hot and cold food remains cold.

Polystyrene in Insulation

The Lightweight cellular plastic polystyrene foam works wonders and offers excellent insulation in applications like building walls and roofing, refrigerators and freezers, and industrial cold storage facilities. The Koolfoam EPS provides superior insulation, not only is it energy efficient, but it has a lesser traumatic impact on the environment and reduces a building’s carbon footprint.

The polystyrene foam products have plenty of uses and applications which are not limited to filling, packaging, and coolroom insulation but the uses extend beyond that. Because of its excellent performance, sustainability and economy it is usually the first choice of people in construction and insulation industries. Koolfoam manufactures sheets and blocks of Expanded Polystyrene(EPS) which serves your needs to bring your creations to life and also provide the best insulation while meeting the performance requirements. For any purchase related queries visit the website and drop them a message.

Effective day-to-day requirements!

Polystyrene is a very handy material used to make an assortment of products and is majorly used for food packaging and laboratory ware. However, with various degrees of tempering, and combining polystyrene with several colorants and additives, multiple appliances, electronics, automobile parts, toys, etc. can be created. Polystyrene is imperative in every household. Let us go through some of the residential polystyrene products which we might be using in our day-to-day life, and we don’t spare a passing thought about.

  • Food Packaging: Polystyrene, both in its solid and foam form, is widely employed to make picnic baskets and coolers so that your food is in perfect condition, be it for carrying your lunch to work or going out for a romantic picnic with your special someone.
  • Insulation: The best usage of polystyrene is for thermal insulation in building walls, roofing, basements etc. Insulation made with polystyrene is inert, impervious and resistant to weather conditions, and hence, is perfect for home construction.
  • Appliances: Appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave ovens, etc. are made with polystyrene as it is non-reactive to other materials, long-lasting and easy on the pocket. Since we use these appliance almost everyday, the absence of polystyrene will impact our existence hugely.

Every home needs the products mentioned; however, we hardly think hard enough about where they come from.  There are so many manufacturers in the polystyrene products around us, that the choices are vast and plentiful. Koolfoam is one of the renowned name in polystyrene insulation products. It is known for its best quality products and the trustworthy services. It is the best name in the cards for any insulation related products or supplies

Application of Expanded Polystyrene

Polystyrene is a versatile product used in the manufacturing of a variety of appliances. Because of its lightweight and sturdy feature, polystyrene comes with immense potential to get molded into various designs that can be further added to different commercial applications. Extensively used in building construction to gain the insulation characteristic, expanded polystyrene (EPS) safeguards the buildings from weather damage, fungus and bacteria development. EPS consists of 95 percent air that adds to the lightweight design used in producing food packaging, automobile parts, etc. It is widely used product because of its low price.

Different uses of polystyrene

  • Electronics: Because of the prolonged life, inertness, and cost-effectiveness property of polystyrene (solid and foam), it is used in many electrical appliances like microwaves, vacuum cleaners, blenders, air conditioners, etc. Polystyrene is used to manufacture the outer bodies of the televisions, computers and IT equipment.
  • Insulation: Lightweight polystyrene is widely used in the building construction to insulate the house from heat, rain, cold, and bacterial development. It is filled in the gaps or cracks to stop the air and light entry into the building. Professionals melt the polystyrene to spray on the walls to increase the insulation strength. It can easily block the water passage into the house during rainy seasons.
  • Packaging: The mixed form of solid and foam, i.e., polystyrene is widely used in producing packaging material. It is used in packaging the food items as it maintains the quality and taste of the food for a long time.
  • Automobile parts: Polystyrene is used to manufacture the automobile parts like energy absorbing door panels, sound dampening foam, knobs, etc. It is also used in making the seats comfortable. Polystyrene is used to make child protective seats to increase the safety of the toddlers.
  • Common household products: Polystyrene is used to make cups, plates and different types of containers. The manufacturing of polystyrene made products require less water and energy than the paper-based alternatives.

With the growth in the plastic industry, polystyrene has been widely formulated to meet the commercial and residential needs. If you’re planning to purchase residential polystyrene products, you can purchase it online or contact dealers to provide you custom designs. Koolfoam is a well-known brand that manufactures every kind of polystyrene products. When it comes to residential polystyrene products, it has a wide range of choices available to shop.

Features of EPS Insulation

As the features of EPS insulation has been unfolded and transformations at regular intervals have been introduced to convert it fit for the different purposes, it marks the importance of EPS insulation for 50 years now. The cost-efficient and the technically versatile product, EPS is lightweight, durable, and of many more advantages packed to give the protection of the industrial and residential building from overheating. EPS insulation is of vital importance what we will uncover in this article. If you get impressed by the features it avail, do rush to polystyrene products manufacturers to get your home insulated.

  • Extremely lightweight: The 98% air composition of the EPS makes it extremely lightweight. For the industrial purpose, it fits best in packaging as the transportation cost doesn’t get significantly affected by it. In the residential application, it doesn’t add weight to the buildings and easily operational with zero room for maintenance.
  • Durability: Compared to other insulation products in the market, EPS is magical. The durability of the EPS insulation adds to the versatile feature of it, in a long run of protection against heat and other dangers to a house or different goods, EPS is a highly reliable product. The quality of the EPS doesn’t degrade with the exposure of harmful agents, as it is engraved in its cellular construction that makes it highly stable.
  • Moisture resistivity is high: EPS has high resistivity strength against the moistures as it doesn’t absorb water molecules. For domestic purposes, the EPS is proved to enhance the hygienic standard. The prolonged exposure to the water submersion doesn’t affect the physical properties and it retains the insulation power with a little disturbance.
  • Thermally efficient: The thermal efficiency makes this product highly used in food industry for packaging and protection against the temperature effects. Once the product gets packed using the EPS, the quality and odour remain unaltered for a long time. The EPS insulation makes seafood delivered to the various part of the world as the climatic change has no effect on it, and fresh food without any quality or odour degradation gets delivered to the consumers.

To save your house from the climatic variation or to get the industry advantages of insulation, EPS can be the best product for you. Koolfoam is a major producer of EPS insulation products that can be customized for different types of applications. It saves your from water spillage, temperature rise, saves energy and gets your protected from many bacterial infections.